Monday, May 9, 2016

Spiritual Coffee: Work Doesn't Satisfy Anymore - Christian Choices Without Limits - Saying Hard Things

Today's evening coffee break. I plan to post updates with new links on Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday, all under the label Spiritual Coffee. I explained in the first post that the goal is to simply share three links to the best things I've come across in the past few days to feed a Christian mind and heart.

When You Don't Love Your Job, Bethany Jenkins (TGC)
Jenkins gets honest about what it feels like to not enjoy your work or be satisfied by it - something more of us struggle with than we will acknowledge. She also critiques the common notion that you can just fix things by figuring out what you're passionate about.

Christian Choice in an Age of Fracture, Joel J. Miller (Theology That Sticks)
An intriguing analysis of how the Church today has embraced the idea of limitless choice and individuality, without any common agreement about how we should use our personal choice. Historically, Christians differing in choices were still uniting around the same community and goals, not expressing unbounded individualism. Stronger focus on free will theology than I would choose, but good contrast with Church Fathers and Early Church.
"A good and holy life, in other words, assumes the power of personal choice. But it’s simultaneously assumed there is a proper direction for those choices. 
 "...the fourth-century bishop and theologian Gregory of Nyssa said, “there is always something towards which the will is tending, the appetency for moral beauty” (Great Catechism 5.21).
[But today in the Church] "Freedom does not mean liberating someone to make the right choices; instead, it means freeing him to make any choice."
Say Hard Things, Marshall Segal (Desiring God)
Most of the time we feel a tension between loving someone and telling them the truth. It is hard to believe in the moment that the most loving and kind thing you can do for someone is to say what they don't want to hear or what may make them feel challenged. This is an encouragement to put love into action without feeling guilty. If our outlook on life doesn't reflect the whole story God is telling with our lives, something vital is missing.

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