Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Settle for Half-Hearted Religion

Ray Ortlund shared a very short, powerful insight from his father at The Gospel Coalition blog that is right on point with the problem I addressed in my introduction to this blog. It's a good reminder that doing things only halfway usually keeps us from experiencing the pleasure and joy involved in whatever it is we're doing. That applies equally - or even more so - to living the Christian life.

There are really only two options in life for satisfaction and fulfillment: either go after God with all your heart, or be unfulfilled. Any illusion that there is a third way - some way that we can find contentment by doing some things God's way but other things our way - is a false hope. God's command is not that we abandon everything in this world that we enjoy. His command is simply that we learn to treasure Him more than anything else that we also enjoy. If we don't seek Him as the central source of our satisfaction, we won't find it in anything else. C.S. Lewis said it brilliantly: "It is not simply that God has arbitrarily made us such that He is our only good. Rather God is the only good of all creatures... If we will not learn to eat the only food that the universe grows-the only food that any possible universe ever can grow-then we must starve eternally." (The Problem of Pain, p. 47).


The Don Price Story said...

Thanks Anthony for your thoughts on surrendering our lives to the Lord. My dad was one the Lord saved and immediately said "swim, sink, or die, it's all the way with you Lord." I saw your blog through connecting with Ray Orton's blog. My dad's story may be interesting to discuss in your church. Thanks, Terrill L. Price

Anthony Bushnell said...

Thanks for taking a look, Terrill! It's a pleasure to meet you. I visited your blog, and I'm impressed by the experiences of your father that you've boldly shared. I look forward to encouraging each other in the Lord.